Senior Design: Future Wearables Project

Sponsored by Kepros Physical Therapy and Performance.


In todays world sensors are becoming prominent. They have become small enough and cheap enough to put in almost everything. This has led to an increase in wearable device capable of many different functions. This increase opens up the possibility of wearable devices to help monitor and improve our own health. This also allows medical professionals to better diagnose and treat patients

Our goal is to create a wearable device that is able to monitor back posture through sensor data. This data will then be sent to a smartphone that will be able to analyze and interpret the data for users and medical professionals. To achieve this the data needs to be collected using sensors and a microcontroller. For this device to be practical the information needs to be sent wirelessly to a smartphone so that it can be interpreted to be useful to the user. This means that the smartphone will need an app capable of interpreting data so it can be use in different ways.